Most or nearly all business owners or managers care about their customers and employees and make sure that everyone feels safe on their property all the time. But unfortunately, the safety of a parking lot is what most ones forget. For that, you should take some approaches to make sure that everyone comes and goes without any worries. So the question arises, how can you make it possible? Keep reading to find some suggestions suitable for any size of a company or parking lot.

1. Safety Escorts
If you already have security guards on the premises, you can efficiently utilize them for safety escorts. For that, you can come up with different strategies depending upon the situations and availability of the guards.
For some companies, it is possible to provide safety escorts at any time, while others may be able to do it only for some specific hours, like walking their employees to their cars during dark or low-rush hours.

2. Virtual Escorts
It is a fact that security guards cannot be available at every hour and for everyone to escort. In this case, you can take advantage of modern technology. The guards can use live video cameras to track the employees until they reach their cars.
The officer may use the cameras to identify potential risks before the employee walks out. The guards can take necessary action to ensure the safety of employees.

3. Lighting
Good lighting is an important part of parking lot safety. Dark areas make it easy for trouble makers to hide and take action. So, in this regard, what is the condition of your parking lot lights? Do all areas have good lighting? Are there any dark corners or blind spots that need more lighting? If you are not sure how to assess these conditions, hiring a professional is the best bet.
If you still have any questions related to the parking lot safety, please feel free to call WE Security Inc. at 713 – 703 – 9385.

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