The world of private investigators is known to be that of thrillers, mysteries, and secret revelations. You can expect a PI to dig through all sorts of confidential information and find exactly what you’re looking for. But what lengths are they allowed to go to?

Can private investigators do anything? Is everything lawless for them, or do they find loopholes every time? You would be surprised to know that the answer to most of these is a resounding ‘No.’

Sure, private investigators bring the truth to light, but there are still methods they cannot use. Not everything is fair in the world of crime and secrets — some legalities still remain.

What Can A Private Investigator Not Do?

Believe it or not, what you see in movies isn’t always the truth. A private investigator in Hollywood is usually found dressed up in a floor-length khaki trench coat. After all, there needs to be something adding that layer of mystery, right? You’ll also find their face hidden under a wide-brim fedora hat – an essential when it comes to concealing one’s identity.

But rather than their appearance, it’s their tactics of unearthing information that truly matters. Here are some things a private investigator cannot do, no matter what Sherlock Holmes has had you believe:

  1. Obtain Information By Trespassing Private Property
    Trespassing private property in itself is considered a crime, and a PI doing that for ‘investigation’ purposes doesn’t make a difference. Moreover, any evidence gathered through illegal means is not admissible in court. This renders the entire process useless.
  2. Wiretapping or Bugging A Communication Channel
    It’s pretty common for spies in movies to bug a person’s house. That gives easy access to all their conversations, right?

    But alas! Wiretapping someone’s phone or house is not approved. In fact, it is a crime that violates a human’s right to privacy. This also includes acts like sneaking into someone’s house and sifting through their mail.

  3. Impersonate A Security Officer
    Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to buy a costume and fake badge. However, for a private investigator, this isn’t as easy. Besides, on Halloween, a PI is not legally permitted to act as law enforcement. Be it wearing a uniform or a badge, impersonating an officer is unacceptable, no matter what the circumstances are.
  4. Online Hacking
    There’s an indescribable air of mystery around online hackers. They can get any information with just a few clicks of codes. But no matter how cool that seems, a private investigator can not indulge in this.
    Despite being an uncomplicated means of information retrieval, hacking is still a cybercrime. One that breaches several moral and personal codes of conduct.
  5. Take Pictures Through Someone’s Home Windows
    Unlike what you see on TV, a private investigator is not allowed to stand outside someone’s window and take their pictures in secrecy. They can function however they like in public places, but breaking past someone’s safe space – their house – is against the law.

Hire A Legal PI Today!

Despite all the legalities, private investigators have plenty of control over how they find out deep-rooted secrets. That, too, is all in legal and approved ways. If you want to hire a PI to find out confidential information, look no further.

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