Identity Theft; a word you might have heard of. Whether you are watching the news, movies, or TV series, there are often mentions of someone’s identity stolen. It is a crime that is committed a lot. Sometimes the victim is not even aware of it until much later! But what exactly is identity theft? In this blog, we will explain its meaning and types to you.

What Exactly Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft (also called ID Theft) is when someone uses another individual’s personal or financial information for crimes like committing fraud or stealing someone’s credit. In simple words, it is stealing someone’s identity for your good.

What Are the Types of Identity Theft?

There are 5 types of identity theft. Which include:
Financial Identity Theft:
In Financial Identity Theft, the scammer takes financial benefit of someone else’s personal information by running many scams. They then use it to their benefit later. To do so, the scammer might be:

  • Using the credit card information of someone else to buy things online.
  • Opening an account using another person’s data, like Social Security Number. This way, they open a line of credit. And who pays the bills? The victim.
  • Stealing funds from someone’s bank account. Or a few funds from multiple accounts— which can add up to millions of dollars.

Criminal Identity Theft:
This occurs when criminal claims to be someone else. On top of that, they use their victim’s identity card, driver’s license, or other stolen or fake items to pass off as them. As a result, they are usually able to escape any charges. The target might remain unaware unless a consequence shows up. These include:

  • The victim receives a court summon.
  • Background check shows a false criminal record.
  • A bench warrant is issued against the victim.

Medical Identity Theft:
Medical Identity Theft occurs when the criminal seeks medical care while pretending to be someone else. By doing so, they bill their victim for their medications, medical services, and medical supplies. This can pose problems for the victim in the future in getting a job or end up in misdiagnosis.

Child Identity Theft:

A minor’s social security number comes in handy for the criminal. This is because it has no information linked to it. So by pretending to be a minor, they can open up a new line of credit or use government benefits. The scammer can even buy a house! This is known as Child Identity Theft.

Synthetic Identity Theft:

In Synthetic Identity Theft, the criminal uses the information of an actual person to create a new identity. They use someone else’s Social Security Numbers, birthdates, and addresses and blend them with fake data. The criminal aims to commit financial crimes. Or even apply for loans.


To sum it up, a criminal uses another person’s identity for their gains. By doing so, they gain benefits while the victim pays the price. This is identity theft, and it has at least 5 types. It is better to be safe. Do you think your or your loved one’s identity is being stolen? Contact us We Security at 713 – 703 – 9385 or

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