When it comes to safeguarding our public and private spaces, security guards are the ones we look out for. They play a major role in maintaining the safety of the people around them, ensuring everything is orderly. However, not every guard is the same. While they may share similar responsibilities, every security officer has their own set of duties and tasks. In this blog, we will speed-run you through all the different types of security guards and what exactly it is that they do.

Types of Security Guards

From private business security guards to public residential guards, there are various categories a security guard can fit into. At first glance, they might not look so different, but based on their personal skills and services, each guard is different. Take a look below to see some of the most common types of security officers.

1. Armed Guards

Armed guards have to undergo rigorous training to be able to graduate and take on-field jobs. They also require proper certification and licenses to be able to carry firearms legally. This separates them from others, as armed guards are usually assigned jobs that are risky or require combat. You’re likely to see armed guards outside government offices, gated communities, banks, etc.

2. Commercial Guards

A security guard who dedicates their services to commercial purposes is known as a commercial guard. They often work in public areas like bars, schools, shopping plazas, etc. Commercial security guards also work as executive officers, guarding VIP entrances for open areas, besides handling other responsibilities.

3. Event Security Guards

The entire purpose of an event security guard is to make sure that security around a public event is tight and well-maintained. Not to mention, they always have to be on the lookout, preventing the area from getting breached by vandals. Event security is typically hired for festivals, concerts, exhibitions, conventions, etc.

4. Personal Guards

Also known as bodyguards, personal protection guards are often hired for VIP executives or highly influential people. They work 24//7, keeping their employer safe and away from the public’s eye. Due to their continuous services, bodyguards have to sit through multiple lessons and training to be able to qualify for the job.

5. Residential Guards

Be it an apartment complex or a neighborhood villa, a residential security guard is someone who looks after your private quarters, ensuring no harm comes your way. They fend off robbers and suspicious strangers. Moreover, some residential guards also monitor the entire block by patrolling during the day as well as at nighttime.

6. Unarmed Guards

Unlike armed security guards, unarmed officers are your normal protectors. Their job is to report anything suspicious or out of the ordinary to their higher-ups. Usually, they guard public spaces and carry with them a baton, pepper spray, or a taser if required. They are also trained in hand-to-hand combat for emergency situations.

Bottom Line

There are various security guards out there, all with different roles and responsibilities. You can reach out to WE Security to hire a guard that best fits your needs. For more queries and concerns, feel free to call us at 713-703-9385 or drop by our headquarters located at 11221 Richmond Ave. #103, Houston, TX 77082, located opposite Bayou City Ballet School.

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