Owning a business takes work. From managing employees to running inventory and making sure everything is all set. Being a shopkeeper is hard work.

It’s even worse when you realize the numbers don’t match the records or that things are missing from your inventory. All these occurrences lead to the same conclusion: Shoplifters.

If you find out that items are missing from your store, then you might be dealing with local thefts. But how do you spot shoplifters? Are they all the same, or are they different? Do they have telltale signs? — You can find the answer to most of these questions in this blog.

How to Spot & Stop Shoplifters

There obviously isn’t a blueprint of what shoplifters look like since not every thief is the same. Moreover, trying to identify one isn’t easy either unless you have a trained eye. The worst thing you can do is accuse regular customers of shoplifting when they’re just browsing.

So, how exactly can you spot a shoplifter and put them in place?

Well, for starters, you can hire a trained security officer to help out with the monitoring. CCTV cameras and inverted mirrors can only do so much. When it comes to catching the culprit, you need a human being to do the job right.

Nevertheless, here are some shared attributes of shoplifters through which you can easily spot them:

  1. Constantly Flitting Their Gaze
    If the person won’t meet your eyes or constantly shifts their gaze, trying to assess the positions of the workers around, they might be bad news.
  2. Overly Chatty
    Sometimes shoplifters come in groups but later split up. If you find someone trying to constantly chat with you and trying to keep you busy, don’t fall for it. Chances are there’s someone already putting their plan into action behind your back.
  3. Not Paying Attention to the Products
    Window shopping isn’t bad; most of us are guilty of that crime. But if someone is mindlessly touching the products without really paying attention to them, keep an eye out.
  4. Picking Up Items and Putting Them Down Over and Over Again
    People who continue to pick up an item only to discard it are fishy. They may be indecisive, or they may be just waiting for the right time to strike.
  5. Refusing Staff’s Help
    Lots of customers prefer to shop alone, without being monitored by staff. However, it could be considered suspicious if the person keeps ignoring the staff or rudely turns away from them, trying to get them off their back.
  6. Frequently Visits Your Store But Never Buys Anything
    A familiar face might seem good. Nevertheless, if this customer is often found visiting your shop but never buys anything, it could be because they’re smuggling out small items.
  7. Has a Large Tote Bag or Sneaky Sleeves
    Everyone has a unique fashion style. But out-of-place wardrobes are a common telltale sign. For instance, wearing baggy clothes or carrying a large tote bag is something to look out for. Even more so if a person is wearing winter clothing in summer, with lots of pockets. It basically serves as a place for them to hide their stolen goods.

What to do if You Catch a Shoplifter Redhanded?

If you catch someone swiping an item from your shop, make sure to have them detained. Rather than relying on CCTV cameras, hiring a professional security guard will work better in your favor. It will eliminate any chances of shoplifters from trying something, especially if the guard is armed.

A trained security officer can lighten your burden and ensure your shop is safe and shoplifter-free. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re tired of finding items missing from your inventory, contact WE Security today. We’ll make sure all your demands are met and the proper security protocols are set in place.

You can reach out to us by dialing (713) 703-9385 or visiting our office at 11221 Richmond Ave. #103, Houston, TX 77082, opposite Bayou City Ballet School.

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