Running a retail store isn’t all that easy. It’s nothing short of a challenge. You have to ensure that the shipment arrives in time and is properly stocked, amongst a billion other mundane tasks. However, the biggest concern many shop owners have is dealing with shoplifters.

It can be quite tricky to handle these petty thieves, considering how not all shoplifters are the same. In this blog, we’ll crack down on everything you need to know about the different types of shoplifters.

What are Shoplifters?

Rather than a what — it’s a Who. A shoplifter, in its general sense, is a person who steals things from a store. This person usually pretends to be a customer and spends time browsing the aisles. Once they expertly acquire the item they need, they slink out of the store, relishing in their victory.

Most shoplifters tend to go for items that can easily fit inside a bag or their clothing. Small objects like jewelry, candy, keychains, makeup, etc., are more likely to be nicked.

Different Types of Shoplifters

Every shoplifter has their own motivation to steal. These can range from seeking attention to desperation. Here are the seven common types of shoplifters you should look out for:

1. Compulsive Shoplifters

Most of the people who get caught shoplifting are compulsive shoplifters. These types of people can’t help but seek the thrill. Usually, it’s a one-time offense. When confronted, they often feel remorse and will break down into tears. Compulsive shoplifters get swayed by their emotions and typically do not go back to stealing for fear of disappointing their loved ones.

2. Professionals

There are people out there who make shoplifting their entire job and personality. These shoplifters tend to steal high-end items that are super expensive. They then sell the items at a higher price. Moreover, professional shoplifters never work alone. They are often a part of an underground crime ring. When caught, they will try everything they can to get out of the situation.

3. Addicts

Rather than being addicted to stealing, addicts are the people who shoplift to support their addictions. This can either be gambling, drinking, or drugs. Addicts often steal just so they can sell the item and get the money they need to support their substance abuse. Due to their disheveled and unkempt persona, it’s pretty easy to spot them in action.

4. Adrenaline Chasers

People who are addicted to the adrenaline of stealing are called adrenaline chasers. These shoplifters only steal for the rush they get once the job is done. Typically teenagers are the ones who come under this label. However, be it due to rebellion, societal pressure, or boredom, adrenaline chasers are the ones who can sometimes cause a lot of damage.

5. The Needy and Desperate

When someone’s financial needs go by unfulfilled, they might resort to shoplifting to get by. These people are incredibly desperate, and for them, desperate times call for desperate measures. Usually, these shoplifters nick off essential items like food, medicine, toiletries, etc.

6. Kleptomaniacs

Kleptomania is a rare mental disorder that can be quite serious and cause damage to the person and their loved ones. They steal because it is something they cannot control. When caught, these people look broken and might just say they don’t know why they took it. Anxiousness and stressful tics can sometimes easily give them away.

7. Accidentals

As common as stealing is, sometimes it can all be an accident. A mistaken slip in the purse, an item getting stuck to their clothing, etc. This is never done out of evil intentions but is rather just a coincidence.

How to Prevent Shoplifting

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