Establishing and maintaining strict security protocols in office buildings is of utmost importance, as they house valuable assets such as computers and important documents and safeguard the well-being of employees. In this blog, we’ll discuss 9 security practices every business should adopt to ensure safety and security at its premises.

  1. Surveillance Cameras
    A security camera is important even if your office isn’t a crime scene. They deter crime, provide proof of security breaches, and assist in discreetly tracking movement.
  2. Visitor Management System
    Your front desk should always be the first line of defense with a visitor control system. This system screens visitors, verifies them against a block list, and quietly notifies the appropriate person if necessary. It also monitors guest activities, revealing who is on-site and when.
  3. Emergency Exits and Evacuation Plans
    Prepare for crises by devising evacuation plans and emergency exits for natural disasters or threats.
    Use employee scheduling software to keep track of on-site employees and guests, allowing for more practical evacuations with emergency notifications issued to everyone present.
  4. Unique Wi-Fi Credentials
    Visitors, such as contractors or business partners, may require an internet connection on-site. However, providing Wi-Fi access to all guests might lead to security risks.
    Assign a unique access code to each visitor, allowing you to safely provide internet connectivity to your visitors while avoiding any potential concerns.
  5. Access Control
    Access control is a physical security method that limits entry to a space, ensuring only authorized individuals enter. Access control methods include facial recognition, phone apps, or entry codes.
    Implementing access control helps prevent unauthorized entry and enhances security.
  6. Regular Software Updates
    To prevent security risks, make sure that your office’s software and operating systems are regularly updated. Send an email or other form of communication reminding your employees to update their laptops and offering assistance to those who need it.
  7. Employee Training on Cyber Threats
    Empower your employees by providing security tips through regular training sessions. Cover topics like password safety and email phishing every other month, allowing time for questions.
    Their insights could catch things you might overlook.
  8. Proper Use of Equipment
    To prevent accidents, train employees to use equipment in manufacturing facilities or labs. Proper training ensures employee safety and reduces company liability risks.
  9. Health Verification of Employees
    Even though Covid concerns have lessened, you can prevent illness from spreading at the office. Use a health attestation or vaccine verification tool to screen employee health before allowing onsite work. Train your employees on workplace illness protocols.

Final Word

Office security begins at the front desk and extends to every employee’s workstation. From visitor management to vaccine policies, consider all aspects to ensure a safe, healthy work environment.

We hope that the practices listed above will assist you in maintaining the security of your office building. If you have any additional questions or require any kind of assistance related to your office’s safety, please contact We Security at (713) 703-9385.

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