Most security guards carry around certified weapons with them in case of a hostile situation. Crimes against security guards aren’t new, but recently there has been a dramatic increase in the number of offenses. Due to this, trained guards carry with them specific weapons that help to protect civilians as well as themselves. This blog will outline everything about security guards and the weapons they’re required to keep on them at all times.

Do Security Guards Carry Weapons?

Surprisingly, not all types of security guards carry weapons. The term ‘security guard’ is often thought of as a singular stereotype. However, it is far more than that. Since there are many different types of security officers that have varying jobs and responsibilities, not all of them carry weapons at work. For instance, unarmed guards and surveillance guards do not have any sort of self-defense munitions on them.

What Qualifies as a Weapon?

Any item that is used or is intended to be used in a harmful manner is considered a weapon. This can be an electronic device, chemical substance, or anything made of hard material that can cause severe damage.

What Weapons Do Security Guards Carry?

Probably the first thing that comes to your mind is: Guns. But that’s not really it.

Although handguns are the most common, there are plenty of other weapons that security guards carry. Here are some of the essential safety equipment they use:


Flashlights are a security guard’s best friend and an important asset, especially during night duty. They might not seem ‘dangerous,’ but flashlights can cause temporary blindness when shined directly into someone’s eyes. Moreover, security flashlights have a strong, heavy-duty body that can also come in handy as a striking device.


You will rarely find a security guard without a baton by their side. Used as a signature weapon, security batons sometimes don’t even have to be utilized. When criminals see a baton hanging by the officer’s side, they tend to stop short of committing all suspicious activities. In addition, handling a baton can be pretty difficult, which is why there are special training courses in place. This is to help new security guards get the hang of holding and using a baton.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a wonderful self-defense item. It can be used to temporarily throw off the assailant without causing any serious or permanent damage. However, security guards need to undergo training to know when to use pepper spray and what is the correct way to do so.

Hand Gun

Security guards have a special permit and license when it comes to carrying a handgun. Although they rarely come in use, carrying a loaded firearm in the belt holster is enough to keep an area or person secure.


Tasers are small, handy devices that can deliver a strong voltage of electroshock and incapacitate a person. Guards tend to use them on aggressive attackers who might have a weapon of their own or could pose a threat to civilians.

Stun Gun

Similar to a taser, stun guns are high-powered electroshock weapons that have projectile prongs for a long-range attack. They can extend to up to 15 feet and immobilize the target. Often mall cops carry stun guns during sale season.

The Closing Word

All in all, security guards carry only specific weapons with them, that too to protect civilians and themselves. Nonetheless, for more information, contact WE Security at (713)-703-9385.

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