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7 Things to Look out for When Trying to Spot Shoplifters

Owning a business takes work. From managing employees to running inventory and making sure everything is all set. Being a shopkeeper is hard work. It's even worse when you realize the numbers don't match the records o...

December 15th, 2022

10 of the Most Crucial Responsibilities of a Security Guard

It might seem like a security officer’s job is easy. After all, the most they do is walk around, keeping tabs on people, right? — Wrong!   Security guards have a ton of responsibilities that fall on their ...

November 30th, 2022

5 Tips You Need to Follow Before Hiring an Armed Security Gaurd For Your Business

Hiring security guards isn’t just limited to big corporate businesses. Whether it’s for apartment security, guarding small shops, or personal use, professional security guards are vital to ensure your safety. After a...

November 15th, 2022

5 Ways Employee Theft Can Occur

Security for your business is critical for the safety of your employees, your assets, and more. Sometimes, you might need protection to prevent theft — by your employees. Yes, as much as you might hate to admit it, emp...

October 30th, 2022

5 Reasons Why Hospitals Need Professional Security Services

You might think hospitals are the last place where crimes would take place, but don’t be fooled. Most healthcare facilities report crimes happening right under their noses. In fact, around 75% of hospital executives cl...

September 30th, 2022

Common Security Risks and How to Prevent Them at a School Sporting Event

High school football and basketball are one of the main school events during the fall season. The crunch of autumn leaves and the crisp scent of the trees drifting through the air are best paired with an intense inter-sc...

September 15th, 2022

7 Types of Shoplifters

Running a retail store isn't all that easy. It's nothing short of a challenge. You have to ensure that the shipment arrives in time and is properly stocked, amongst a billion other mundane tasks. However, the biggest con...

August 30th, 2022

Can Anyone Hire a Bodyguard?

When you hear of a bodyguard, you must picture someone athletic or well-built, dressed in all black with dark sunglasses to complete the look. Maybe an additional earpiece, for communication purposes, to pull it all toge...

August 15th, 2022

Background Checks: What Role Does A Private Investigator Play

You’ve all heard of background checks — but do you know what it is? What goes on in its process? Who gets to the bottom of it? We’ve put together everything you might need to know, so read on to find out more. Wha...

July 30th, 2022

To Hire A Good Private Investigator, You Need To Channel Your Inner Detective!

No longer do private investigators linger in the realm of movies and storytelling. Nowadays, private investigators have become the norm. Even though there are many reasons why you should opt for a PI, most people don’t...

July 15th, 2022