Marriage is not easy. You have to go through many ups and downs to meet your partner in the middle. But sometimes, no matter how many compromises you make, things don’t work out. And sometimes, it can get really messy, especially if you have kids.

Child custody can be incredibly difficult to manage since it shapes your child’s future. Plus, if you think your child is not safe with their other parent, a skilled private investigator just might be what you need to put your worries at ease. To find out how a PI can help with child custody, keep reading this blog.

Can A Private Investigator Help With Child Custody?

Most people aren’t aware of this fact, but yes. A private investigator can help with child custody. The evidence and data they uncover are all permissible in the court, which means their information is valued and can be considered solid proof in case of misconduct.

However, that is only if the evidence is substantial. For instance, if one of the parents is unfit to care for the child or does not have their best interest at heart, a private investigator might help provide the information needed to back that up. Be it through witness statements or expert surveillance skills; they can offer their services in whichever way works best.

Types of Child Custody Cases

Every child custody case is different. You and your partner might have differences on multiple levels, and depending on the type of the case, the circumstances can vary. In order to avail the expertise of a PI, you need to know which case type you are dealing with, such as:

  1. Custody Agreement Violation
    If you suspect that the other parent is violating the set terms of your custody agreement, you will require solid evidence to prove that in court. A PI can help with that.
  2. Neglect and Abuse
    If the parent holding the custody rights is abusing the child, it can lead to serious consequences. You can consult a private investigator to get the information you need to safely get your child away from the toxic atmosphere.
  3. Custody Dispute
    On the reverse side, if your ex-partner is making false claims against you, it could lead to you losing the rights over your child. Gathering data on their lies can help retain your position.
  4. Proof of Cohabitaiton
    This custody case focuses on reducing child support payments. That is, only if the other parent is cohabitating with someone that can financially back them up. An investigator can uncover the truth and help settle the situation.

How Does A PI Help With Child Custody

A private investigator can be useful in more ways than one. Besides their common skills, they tend to focus most on the three areas of expertise mentioned below. It allows them to gather thorough material to back their client up.

  1. Conducting Background Checks
    This is a given, but a PI will carry out detailed background checks on the other parent and the people surrounding them to see if there is some hidden information that could be helpful.
  2. Recording Witness Statements
    In sensitive cases of abuse and neglect, interviews and witness statements are what’s needed to save your child from their upsetting surrounding.
  3. Carrying Out Surveillance
    Getting close to the suspect without being identified is a skill only experienced private investigators possess. It can be useful in collecting information that may not be easy to get.

Hire an Experienced Private Investigator Today!

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