When you hear of a bodyguard, you must picture someone athletic or well-built, dressed in all black with dark sunglasses to complete the look. Maybe an additional earpiece, for communication purposes, to pull it all together. But, bodyguards are much more than a stereotype.

These trained officers aren’t one bit like their fictional counterparts. Unlike in movies and tv shows, bodyguards don’t prance around dressed in dark clothing. They don’t make it super obvious they’re even there at times — at least not in high-profile cases.

So, what exactly does a Bodyguard do? What is their purpose? Let’s get right to it.

What is a Bodyguard?

In general terms, a bodyguard is a personal protection officer that guards you against the public. Out of all the different types of security guards, bodyguards possess the most skills. Moreover, they get direct access to their clients. As a result, they tend to stick by the client’s sides for long periods of time due to the nature of their job.

A bodyguard’s primary duty is to ensure their client’s safety above all else. These personal protection officers do all they can to avoid further mishaps whenever security is threatened. Because of this, it is a given that they undergo ruthless training. This is so that they’re ready to tackle any situation, especially if things suddenly turn south. For a professional bodyguard, preparation is key.

What is the Role of a Bodyguard?

It’s true that bodyguards play a massive role in protecting their clients from any external threats. However, their job is round the clock. Which means they don’t get to take a break from their duty. In addition to that, bodyguards tend to plan and strategize everything beforehand. Rather than waiting for a security hazard to pop up, they remain one step ahead at all times. Below are some of the prime duties of a bodyguard and how they help to shape their role in the security field:

  • Sweeping public places for bugs or other security risks before the client arrives. (Conferences, Public Gatherings, Award Shows, etc.)
  • Carrying out background checks on new and old people around the client.
  • Personally escorting the client to their location.
  • Handling huge crowds of people.
  • Staying on high alert in case of any suspicious behavior or people.
  • Immediately taking the client away to a safe place in case of a security threat.
  • Securing the client’s house and ensuring no casualties are found. (Bugs, Spy Cams, etc.)

7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Bodyguard

It is a common belief that only rich or famous people can hire bodyguards. Although that might be true, it doesn’t mean regular folks can’t get their own personal protection officers. Security is for everyone, regardless of their public status. Here are a few reasons why people hire bodyguards:

  1. Fleeing from an abusive home.
  2. Landlords or Real Estate agents wanting to remove squatters.
  3. Celebrities seeking protection from herds of fans.
  4. High-profile VIPs. (CEOs, Business Executives, etc.)
  5. Someone trying to get rid of their stalker.
  6. Rich people trying to prevent robbery.
  7. Someone who is traveling abroad.

The Final Takeaway

To conclude, a bodyguard’s role is vital when it comes to maintaining safety protocols for their client. Not to mention, anyone can hire a bodyguard if they feel their safety is at risk. For more security-related information, call We Security at (713) 703-9385.

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