Security guards have a lot of duties and responsibilities. From protecting civilians to safeguarding important assets and landmarks, they are entrusted with critical tasks. However, not all security guards are the same. While some are active, physical duty guards, others take on a more calm job of patrolling and surveillance. But if there is one thing that makes some guards stand out from the rest, it’s their use of weapons — or the lack thereof.

Often, people wonder if commercial security guards carry guns with them. And the answer to that is a bit more complicated. To find out the truth about the weapons security guards carry, make sure to read this blog until the very end.

Can Security Guards Carry Guns?

Yes, security guards can carry guns, but it is limited to armed officers only. That is to say, only security guards who have received proper training and have on-field experience are allowed to own firearms. However, it is important to note that every state has a different law regarding guns. Thus, based on the local regulations, some guards might not be able to carry a loaded gun, or they may not have permission to use it unless absolutely required.

Moreover, each state has its own laws related to the licensing, training, and authorization of armed security personnel. In some states, security guards must obtain a special license, complete a firearms training course, and sit through various background checks. Only once they pass or get greenlit can they be permitted to carry firearms while on duty.

Common Weapons That Security Guards Use

While trained security guards are allowed to carry firearms, there are other weapons they can bring along, too, such as:

1. Baton

A baton is a tool that is shaped like a thick stick. Oftentimes, security guards do not even need to use the baton. This is because when criminals spot the weapon, it is enough to distill fear inside of them, making them retreat.

2. Pepper Spray

While this may seem too unprofessional, pepper spray is a great self-defense item. Security guards carry fast-reacting pepper sprays with them. They are trained on when and where to use them in case of an emergency.

3. Taser

Tasers are small, handy devices that can deliver a very strong voltage of shock to a person. In fact, it can be so lethal that it can render a person incapable of moving. Security officers use them on aggressive attackers threatening civilians.

4. Stun Gun

Similar to a taser, stun guns are high-powered electroshock weapons that have projectile prongs. These elongated prongs are what help them be utilized for a long-range attack. Stun gun prongs can extend to up to 15 feet, leaving the target immobilized.

Bottom Line

All in all, security guards are permitted to carry guns for safety reasons. However, that is only allowed if the guard has gone through strict training and has the proper credentials required for the gun permit. For more information on armed and unarmed guards, feel free to contact WE Security at 713-703-9385 or visit 11221 Richmond Ave. #103, Houston, TX 77082, located opposite Bayou City Ballet School.

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