High school football and basketball are one of the main school events during the fall season. The crunch of autumn leaves and the crisp scent of the trees drifting through the air are best paired with an intense inter-school competition. Nonetheless, as fun as these games are, did you know that school-based sporting events attract a ton of trouble?

From vandals to creepy child predators, darkness doesn’t always lurk in the shadows. Sometimes, it’s right there, clear as daylight, waiting under the bright stadium lights on a bleacher.

Are School Sports Games Unsafe?

Rather than being unsafe, there are potential security concerns that commonly arise during high school sports. In fact, it’s not just limited to high schools. Middle and elementary school kids are also prone to dangerous situations.

For elementary school kids, if the games are held in an open park, it’s bound to attract strangers. These people can pose a threat in many ways. It could be a child predator waiting for the right time to strike. Or, it could be someone trying to create a ruckus.

Similarly, for middle school and high school games, people from the opposing team might show up to start a fight. Rather than letting it escalate, a security guard can prevent such demises from occurring in the first place.

Common Security Risks at a School Sporting Event

No matter how fun and engaging school sports are, they’re bound to have drawbacks. Rather than leaving the sports ground unattended, hiring proper security for such events can help prevent any bad situation from happening. Moreover, managing huge crowds of people can be pretty tiring, which is why a trained officer can ensure things play out according to the plan.

Here are some common safety risks that pop up during a school athletic event:

  • Unmanageable herds of people
  • Sudden fights breaking out over the game score
  • Increased use of drugs and alcohol due to lack of adult supervision
  • High school rival gangs acting up
  • Strangers breaking into school grounds
  • Underground betting and gambling on teams or certain players
  • Child predators disguising themselves to fit into the crowd

Steps to Maintain the Safety at School Games

Now that you’re aware of the risks and dangers of a school sports event, you should also be aware of the solution. The best way to prevent any safety hazards is by hiring a professional security team. This way, you can maintain the overall atmosphere and protect the crowds from potential harm. Below, you’ll find some ways trained school security handles sporting events.

  • Form a safety team comprised of all the adults that are in charge.
  • Limit access to the sporting ground
  • Go undercover to keep an eye on the bleachers
  • Surround the entire perimeter of the ground
  • Strict bag checking before entering the premises
  • Deploy guards inside and outside of the sports ground, with two-way radios to help communicate
  • Ensure there are separate locker rooms for both the competing teams
  • Split the audience seating style in two, according to who they’re supporting
  • Create a detailed plan to refer to for additional security measures.

Are You Looking for School Security?

Now that you’re all caught up and know how vital it is to hire proper school security, especially during huge sports events. We Security offers multiple security services that you can avail without a second thought. Without further ado, just pick up your phone and dial (713) 703-9385.

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