This article is a continuation of the last article titled “During its off-hours, is my business site under any danger?”. We have discussed the first 2 points in our previous article; you can see the other points here below.

Be Strict With Third-Party Employees

Appointing a third party over trivial matters is a day-to-day activity for any company, whether for cleaning services or lift repairs, or plumbing. Since such third parties work as the company finds feasible, it is usually in the evening that they are called for work when the employees have already left the building.

But who keeps track of them? You will have to implement a way to keep an eye on such personnel, especially when working in places where your companies confidential data is stored. You could have a camera installed to make it easier for security officers to keep an eye on them. Once they leave the premises, a security patrol should come and check if everything is in order. The security officers should also consider that such personnel should not leave the premises without being frisked first.

Is Your Site Fire Protected?

Let us assume that after you left your building and faulty wiring led to a fire, and there was a neglection due to which that fire spread and the following day, all that left there was just rubble.

Such events take place all the time. Sometimes it is because of faulty wiring or electrical shorts; other times, it may also be because of heating equipment left active or lights insulated from ceiling timbers. It would be best if you also took care not to store any chemicals out in the open. Chemical fires are difficult to stop once they’ve begun and spread fast. The best measure you could take is to place live monitoring cameras. If a fire does start, the security would learn of it at once and take the actions needed. It would also help to appoint professionally trained men available; who would if needed, know what to do at the time.

We hope to have solved all your queries, but if you still want to know about security, you can reach out to WE Security Inc, and our team will explain the details. Call us at 713–703–9385 to know more.

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