Event Security Guards

Four primary security officer duties at the theatre

When hearing about the new movie, we plan to visit the theater with friends or family to enjoy the unlimited fun. These places have crowds of people, especially when the film becomes a super hit. Security is one of the p...

January 15th, 2021

How can the door security guard save your business during its off-hours?

At daytime, when the business is working in full stream, it is a much safer place. However, is the scenario similar at night if there is no one around to keep a check? No, during off-hours, the closed office has a lot of...

December 30th, 2020

Why do you need Security services for healthcare facilities?

Hospitals and clinics have their own needs and threats. When it comes to security services for healthcare facilities, it is as essential as any other commercial or residential place. Besides looking at it closely, hospit...

December 15th, 2020

Armed security guards for hire during the COVID-19 era

It has been a year almost since COVID 19 struck the world; it spread lots of chaos and took many lives. Initially, most countries, including America, went into lockdown conditions to prevent the virus's spread. Though ev...

November 30th, 2020

Why Outsource And Hire Private Security Service For Business?

Recently a piece of news was shown on TV in which a group of men came into the office holding huge guns. Luckily, the security force present took over, and everyone was safe. They were just like knights in shining armor....

November 15th, 2020

What security guards can and can’t do?

When we think of a security guard, a picture that comes into our mind is of a stout man holding a pistol and bullets. This seems to be a frightening scene for many, but there is a long list of points that security guards...

October 30th, 2020

Personal bodyguards for hire

When we hear about a bodyguard, a muscular man's image pops up in our mind, who is well dressed, wearing black goggles, and holding a gun standing to protect us from all the dangers. But, is this always the case or a pic...

October 15th, 2020

Why Hire Security Guards for Parties?

Security is essential for any party or event. When you are hosting a private party, your guests' safety should be your number one priority. Private parties come with their unique security concerns. Security services prov...

September 30th, 2020

What is Retail Security?

Retail store security generally refers to the protection measures and techniques for a store and its merchandise. Retailers adopt them for a more secure sales environment. These measures can help prevent retail store cri...

September 15th, 2020

10 Benefits of Having a Professional Security Guard at Your Business

Hiring professionally trained security guards for your business is critical to deal with several security risks, such as crimes, thefts, and assault. From monitoring, deterring crime, and providing peace of mind, here a...

August 30th, 2020