At daytime, when the business is working in full stream, it is a much safer place. However, is the scenario similar at night if there is no one around to keep a check? No, during off-hours, the closed office has a lot of safety and security challenges to face. Therefore the need for a 24-hour door security guard is necessary for all commercial places. Having a trained force will let you sleep peacefully at night without worrying about your business. Let us discuss a few of the challenges that the unoccupied office building faces at night when people are not around.

Empty places invite criminals

Often, cases of crime such as murders and sexual assault are reported in empty buildings at night. Criminals enter easily, breaking the locks, commit serious crimes, and leave the building unnoticed. Whether it is a minor or major incident, the business has to suffer; the event creates a bad image. Further, the owner despite being innocent has to face the tensions and pay a penalty at times. It all adds to the extra cost to the business. Therefore, without the security guard on the door, the business faces such risks.

Door security guard provides security

To avoid such incidents, it is essential to hire trained security that keeps a close eye on all the movements around the place 24/7. Furthermore, you will need proper security cameras and surveillance systems to monitor the movements closely. The larger the area, the more guards are required to stop such illegal activities. Besides this, the security systems on the computer servers can help the security guards. It helps in making choices when there is doubt about the trespassers.

People who work after office hours

Everyone doesn’t leave the office at the same time. During peak seasons, there are often people working long hours to finish their task. They stay in offices after work hours and are busy with their work. Like the accounts team who have to submit their books the next day and work late hours to finish them, or people who are working late or in night shifts. Whatever the reason is, it is the responsibility of the company to keep them safe. The security guards at the entrance will ensure they stay safe by continually monitoring all the movements using CCTVs. If they find something suspicious, immediate action will save the company from huge losses. Moreover, the workforce can work calmly without worrying about any danger, and it goes the same for the lone employee.

Fire outbreaks and other disasters

If a fire breaks up at night in your property, the place will turn into ashes if no one takes immediate action. Suppose due to an electric shock inside the building, the fire starts spreading, and no one notices it until it blazes out of the windows; the amount of damage is immense. However, with the door security guard who is continuously monitoring the camera and all the movements can immediately call for help. This will lessen the amount of damage to your property.

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