Keeping a school and its immediate environment completely secure is a logistical nightmare. There are hundreds of students to think about, as well as multiple rooms, classes, and labs. It is difficult to maintain control, and at any particular time, it is near impossible to account for everybody.

There are, however, changes that school administrators can implement to improve security to some extent. Some of these changes are outlined below:

Tighten up access

While all doors have to remain open to allow students to move around freely, there needs to be a way to lock everywhere down during an emergency. There needs to be a way to ensure that noone enters or leaves except security personnel. By restricting access, you can better manage dangerous situations.

Create an emergency response plan

How do your security officers react when there is an intruder on the school premises? What do they do if a student is missing? What if there is an active threat on the grounds? You need to create an emergency response plan. You can’t have people running around indiscriminately; this is how stampedes happen. It’s how people get fatally injured.

Random bag checks

A metal detector would be great, but if the school can’t afford one, bag checks are the next best thing. The only problem is that you can’t check bags every day, it will disrupt school activity. A good solution would be to schedule random bag checks. This is often enough deterrent to keep students from bringing harmful objects to school.

Hire a private security agency

A private security agency can help your school create and implement an emergency response plan, they can help you improve access control. They can oversee bag checks and actively monitor comings and goings.

Schools in (and around) Texas that need private security services can contact WE Security Inc. All our security guards are well-trained and fully licensed by the Texas Private Security Bureau. Call 713-703-9385 now for any inquiries or to make an appointment.

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