Most of us use the Internet and end up sharing our personal information online. However, this can be risky, as cybercriminals are on the lookout for our personal information. They can use our personal and financial information for their benefit, committing identity theft. And the victim won’t even realize their identity has been stolen! Don’t worry, though, since there are a few warning signs that can help you detect identity theft. If you notice the signs mentioned in this blog, take immediate action.

Signs That Your Identity Has Been Stolen

Identity theft can leave you making purchases and paying for someone else’s expenses without knowing it. Luckily, certain signs will help you tell if you’re a victim of identity theft. These include:

1. A Credit Card Charge Alert  Credit card alerts can help you determine financial identity theft. Online banking portals and apps should be able to alert you of possible fraudulent credit card charges. Since many people have shifted to online shopping, credit card fraud has become more common. Therefore, receiving a bill or alert for something you didn’t purchase could signify identity theft.

2. Denied Loan or Credit Card Application 
Often identity theft can be identified by a declined loan or credit card application. It could mean that your credit card score is lower than you thought. The reason could be that someone might have conducted a fraudulent activity. For instance, someone getting new credit cards using your information without paying them off. As a result, you’ll be responsible for it, leaving you with a low credit card score.

3. New Account Under Your Name 
A fraudulent often opens a new account under their victim’s name using their data. Therefore, always keep an eye on any new accounts you don’t recognize while checking your credit card report. In addition, you might get bills or bank statements for accounts you didn’t open.

4. Bills for Medical Services You Didn’t Use 
A fraudster can imitate a person to get health care or supplies. This can affect your future medical insurance and set an incorrect medical record. Therefore, if you receive a medical bill you don’t recognize, dig deeper. It could hint that your identity has been stolen.

5. Calls from Debt Collectors Regarding Accounts You Didn’t Open 
Sometimes companies or collection agencies call asking for your data, but don’t give it to them; it could be a phishing scam. Moreover, if a debt collector calls referring to an account you don’t recognize, it could indicate identity theft. An identity thief can open an account under your name and not pay for it, leaving you responsible. Therefore, check your credit card report for new, unfamiliar accounts in these cases.

What Should I do?

Identity theft is common and occurs when someone uses your data to their benefit. Many times, the victim is unaware of the crime. However, certain signs tell if your identity has been stolen. At We Security, our staff and private investigators can help you in case of identity theft. We also provide bodyguard services; just dial 713 – 703 – 9385 to contact us now.

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