If you are worried about your safety, a personal protection officer might be the solution you need. While it can be scary to hire someone for protection, these professionals are thoroughly trained and vetted to provide you with professional care at a vulnerable time. Keep reading to learn more about what personal security officers do.

What is a Personal Security Officer?

You might think of a personal security officer as a bodyguard. In reality, these professionals do far more than simply stand in front of you for protection. Personal security officers will assess the risk factors surrounding you and create a complex security plan to prevent problems before they happen. If a breach in security should arise, these officers are armed with a concealed firearm and thoroughly trained to keep you out of harm.

How We Verify Our Professionals

All of our personal protection officers are registered and licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety’s personal security board. They are subjected to background checks, drug screenings, and personal evaluations before they are hired and our staff continuously monitors their work to ensure they are working effectively. To learn more about our safety training and vetting process, click here.

Personal Security in Texas

WE Security, Inc. offers a variety of security services in the Houston, TX area. Whether you need personal protection, commercial or residential security, or private investigation services, our dedicated professionals can help you. To learn more about what we do, call us at 713-703-9385.

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