School safety planning is necessary to provide a safe learning environment for the students. It is not only crucial for the safety of the students but also the teachers, visitors, and staff members. Teachers and administration staff must work together to carry out the safety plan. There are many factors to take into account while planning the safety of the school, and the most important among them is the presence of a school guard.

The school guard ensures that the school and the people present in it are safe at all times. The duties of a guard play an essential part in the safety of a school. Following are some of those:

Essential Duties of a School Guard

• One of the vital responsibilities of a school guard is to make sure that only known people enter the school building. This can reduce crimes in school.
• For this, the guards monitor the entrance gates and exit gates and ask for the identity of people entering the school building.
• They also use metal detectors to stop weapons from entering the building.
• The guards also take the help of security cameras to monitor every corner of a school building. They take immediate action if they find anything wrong. In case of theft or any other crime, the guards may also contact the police.
• The guards also keep an eye on the activities of students and outside the school building. Besides, they might perform special duties during special events like Halloween parties or prom nights.
• They can manage emergencies like fire and can evacuate the building safely.

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