Everyone values their privacy. After all, no one wants their secrets and deep-hidden truths to be broadcast to the public. That is why having someone hire a private investigator to look into your life can feel so intrusive.

Your first thought might be to take legal action and put a stop to this invasion of privacy. But can you sue someone for hiring a private investigator? To learn about the legal proceedings of hiring a PI and more, make sure to keep reading this blog.

Is It Legal to Hire a Private Investigator?

Most people believe that private investigators work illegally. However, that is simply not true. Private investigators are legally sanctioned by the law based on their state of residence. Moreover, PIs are often hired to unearth people hiding in legitimate cases. For instance, a company might hire an investigator to run a background check on a newly hired employee to ensure they do not have a criminal background.

Similarly, a spouse might reach out to a private investigator if they suspect their partner is cheating on them. In these cases, the main goal is to typically gather information within legal and ethical boundaries, as approved by the law.

Can You Sue Someone for Hiring a Private Investigator?

While the use of private investigators is legal in many cases, there are some situations where it might cross the line into invasion of privacy. If the hired investigator engages in activities that openly violate privacy laws, such as wiretapping, stalking, or gaining information through deceptive means, then it might provide grounds for legal action.

When is it Okay to Sue Someone for Hiring a Private Investigator?

Not everyone can sue a private investigator or the person who hired the investigator. That is only possible if certain areas are breached by the PI. Here are some instances where it might be possible for you to make a case against an investigator.

  1. If an Investigator Openly Invades Your Privacy In the case that your privacy has been invaded, you can file a lawsuit against both the private investigator and the person who hired them. Invasion of privacy lawsuits tend to be complex and depend on the specific circumstances of each case.
  2. If the Evidence is Gathered Through Illegal Means
    Private investigators take great caution when gathering information, as their methods strictly adhere to legal and ethical standards. However, if the evidence is obtained through illegal means, such as recording someone without their consent, wiretapping, trespassing, etc., it will be dismissed in court. This gives you the perfect stance to redirect the case onto the person who hired the PI.
  3. Employer Liability
    If a private investigator is hired by an employer to conduct investigations related to an employee, the employer may be held responsible if anything goes wrong. It is ultimately up to the employer to take caution and make sure that the investigations are carried out legally.

Closing Word

To put it briefly, suing someone for hiring a private investigator against you is not always easy since PIs are legal. However, if the private investigator breaks any law or steps boundaries, then that can be used as evidence against them in court, making you eligible to sue them. To get more information on professional and skilled private investigators, get in touch with WE Security today at (713) 703-9385.

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