Every-one loves gated communities as they give you the freedom to feel secure and protected. One of the problems with gated communities is that they are believed to be protected. As a result, you become less conscious to look around for incoming dangers. And turn more vulnerable to theft and an easy target for thieves who are looking for opportunities. The feeling of protection you get from gated communities increases the chance of security risk.

What makes you an easy target?

If you are satisfied with the current security of your house, there is a greater chance that you will keep your high valuables along with you (thinking that they are safe at home). Likewise, you will not think twice while leaving your door unlocked or going out with open windows.

Some people are good at keeping the loose ends. They might give their keys to their friends, relatives, or even to service providing technicians or vendors. And if the key somehow falls in the wrong hands, it can create many problems for you.

Thieves do know your psyche; therefore, gated communities are golden chances for them. They have the ability to dodge the guards on entrance gates and trespass. They also know that people in gated communities tend to keep more valuables inside their houses. Furthermore, their homes are easy to enter and exit due to the absence of alarm systems.

No community, whether gated or non-gated, is one hundred percent safe. There is always a security risk involved. But its intensity depends on you. Similarly, the security of your house depends on how well you understand and monitor your surroundings.

Few tips to minimize the security risks

  • install security alarms in your house to add an extra layer of security, and it will play a vital role in decreasing the security risk
  • hesitate in taking or giving away your keys to people other than your house members
  • always lock your door and windows whenever you go out, even if you are inside the premises of your society

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