Did you know that more than 50,000 artwork pieces are stolen every year in the US alone? These are then sold through the black market and lead to a transaction of about $6 – $8 billion. Hence it is becoming a concerning situation for all museums across the world to implement some strict measures.

Some Area’s Where Museums Can Improve

  • Run a background check on staff and volunteers.
  • Limit access to building and storage areas to limited senior management only.
  • Identifying the accesses by numbers instead of names.
  • Not keeping all the access in 1 place.

Some Ways To Enhance Museum Security

Here are some ways to secure your collection and also keep it within budget.

Setup Documentation Procedures

Create a database/list of all the items available, along with their photos and exact placement locations. The team could check these regularly to ensure nothing has changed, and if there is a chance, re-document it again.

Ensure Your Staff Is Always Ready

Begin with hiring security guards to ensure If you don’t have a museum guard. They need to walk around the area and make sure to keep an eye on everyone. The purpose is to check for irregularities or issues.

Keep It Locked

Upgrade your security but installing the best in the industry locking system. This could be manual or digital, but something has to be in place. And this access or keys will only be with authorized personnel to prevent unauthorized access.

Is The Facility Fire And Smoke-Proof?

Fire and smoke can help be harmful to your exotic and priceless pieces; hence installing fire and smoke detectors ensure that you can inform the departments on time for a resolution.

If you are not sure of implementing security at your museum and want to hire professional museum security, WE Security Inc is here for your help. Call us at (713)-703-9385 and speak to our specialists now.

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