It is not very uncommon to find a security officer at the entrance gate of a healthcare facility, and you may also find some inside. The presence of doctors, patients, visitors, and cash makes the presence of an officer necessary. Among the many duties an officer performs, below are the top three of them, such as:

1. Prevent Crimes

The first and foremost duty of an officer is to prevent crimes. The crimes can be anything, for example, someone trying to illegally enter the healthcare facility or an act of violence or theft. The officers make sure that no one tries to enter the premises forcefully, and nothing harmful goes inside. They check the ID cards of anyone entering and also use metal detectors. They monitor every vehicle that goes in or out and also keeps eyes on the parking areas.

2. Making the Premises Safe

They patrol the premises and make sure there are no acts of violence or theft. In addition, they keep an eye on every corner and every person with the help of CCTV. Many patients carry out the act of violence, and nurses and staff become the victim. The officers can take immediate action to keep everyone safe.

The billing counters involve a lot of cash and can be a prime target for theft. Therefore, the officers pay special attention to these areas to make sure everything goes smoothly. The presence of officers allows the staff to work with ease and peace of mind.

3. Emergencies

Emergencies such as fire or terrorist attack come uninvited. The officers are trained to handle these situations. They can take immediate action to handle them and evacuate the building through emergency exits.

If you have any questions related to the role of a security officer in a healthcare facility, call WE Security Inc. at 713-703-9385 and get help from our representatives.

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