School security is one of the prime concerns. It involves students, staff, and every other individual who is present at the premises. Hence, the duty of a school security guard is full of tough challenges. The guard has to stay alert and on his toes at all times. Even after the school hours come to an end. An empty school building needs to be guided to protect the assets and ensure no illegal activity goes. Whether it’s an elementary or high school or a university, safety is an utmost priority.

The duty of the school security guard

The guards at the school building need proper training as they are mostly without arms. However, it depends on the school’s needs. Many don’t prefer having armed guards in front of children all the time. It is entirely your choice. No matter whoever stands for Security, the personnel should be well trained and ready to use physical force if the necessity arises.

Moreover, the security forces should deal with pressures and also stay calm with children at all times. If parents become aggressive in any situation, the guard should tackle the problem calmly. So he should know what action to take and when to take to guard the place and create a safe environment.

Use of gadgets for Security

While on duty, the guard has to deal with gadgets and know the use of security cameras. Due to increasing crime at these places, nowadays, many schools have CCTV systems. The guards often inspect everyone using metal detectors before entering and keep a strict watch on the camera so that no inappropriate activity goes on. They go through proper training before guarding the children. The armed or unarmed guards of We Security are trained and professionals in handling all criminal acts. They go through strict practices that make them fit for their duty. You can trust us completely when it comes to guarding your life or your property.

Responsibilities of school security guard

When it comes to schools following are few significant responsibilities of security staff.

  • They are securing the school campus premises and all nearby areas, including the entrances and unsupervised places.
  • If students involve in any chaos or fight, the guard can intervene and control the situation.
  • An adequately dressed guard creates an excellent image for visitors. Moreover, his attire, behavior, and attitude can be impressive for both students and their parents.
  • During lunch period and when school gets off, the security guard is aware of student’s safety and takes care that students leave with their parents or attendants.
  • Only after proper inspection, a guard will allow the person to enter the school. This will prevent the entry of intruders. In case of suspicion, they can immediately call upon the police authorities to take action. Hence, the school staff can concentrate on their duties and not worry about student security.
  • They also control unlawful acts if going on in school like drug abuse, suicide, bullying, alcohol abuse, etc.

To get the school security guard, contact We Security. Call us at 713-703–9385 to know more about us.

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