Whether it is property, employees, or clients, all need protection. Many organizations consider choosing an armed security guard to provide protection. However, there are several benefits of keeping an unarmed guard at the entrance or inside the building.

Benefits of an unarmed guard

A non-armed guard would prove beneficial for protecting the organization in several ways. Following are some of the ways:

  1. Keeping a non-armed guard will be affordable for many businesses. An armed guard needs a license and proper training and, therefore, charges more. The more the armed guard is skilled, the more he will charge for his services. On the other hand, the unarmed guard would not require any license and, therefore, would charge less.
  2. Having an unarmed guard keeps the employees relaxed. Keeping an armed guard at the entrance would make people think that the premises are at high risk. However, keeping a non-armed guard would give the employees a sense of safety and would not make other suspicious of the organization.
  3. If an armed guard is not trained to handle the weapon, he might get confused in an emergency. This might cause damage to property or even injure people. A trained unarmed security guard, on the other hand, would not face any such situation.
  4. An unarmed security guard sets a good impression of your business. Whereas having an armed guard would threaten people around the business.
  5. An unarmed guard reduces the risk of unintentional harm to others. In an unfortunate event, someone may snatch the arms of the guard and use it for harming others.

For maintaining the security of business, organizations need to ensure that the choice of security measures is correct. WE Security can provide your business with an unarmed guard that would suit your business. For more information, please call 713-703-9385.

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