Warehouses are vital for all commercial businesses as they store their stock in it. As a result, any damage to the store will damage the business and its success. Therefore, many companies, along with securing their offices, also think about their warehouse security. Any unwanted access to a store can result in heavy loss.

Types of warehouse security

Companies protect their storehouse in many different ways. The most common types of warehouse security are as follows:

  • CCTV cameras are the most common but effective way to protect stock. It helps to keep a check on what is happening. It also helps to identify any unwanted event. Not only it helps to maintain an active check but can also allow accessing the recordings to determine the cause of an event.
  • The fire alarm system also plays a vital role in keeping the stock safe. Some stocks are at a high risk of catching fire. For instance, a store of books and woodwork may need a fire alarm with a sound sensor that would be able to detect smoke from a distance.
  • Along with fire alarms, burglar alarms also protect a store from unwanted access. Whether it is glass break detection or boundary protection, it will do it with accuracy.
  • Electronic access through face recognition also makes stores safe and secure. Warehouses with expensive stocks need this system to protect the stock from theft.
  • Guarding the door of a store would ensure to keep the breakers away. This would allow only those to enter who have access to the warehouse.

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