When people think of security officers, they often imagine a tough-looking person who is armed and ready to tackle anyone who might jeopardize their peace. However, did you know that not all security guards are armed? Even though we live in a society where having something on you is what solidifies your safety, unarmed security officers rely on their vigilance and other sharp tactics to maintain safety.

In fact, they play a major role in safeguarding people, their assets, and certain premises from potential threats. But if you’re still confused about what exactly they do, don’t worry! We have mentioned some of the most crucial day-to-day responsibilities of an unarmed security guard, so make sure to read this blog until the end.

What Do Unarmed Security Guards Do?

Unarmed security officers are often in charge of multiple duties and responsibilities that revolve around the protection and well-being of people. Take a look below to get a clear insight into how they go about their day.

1. They Excel at Surveillance

One of the primary responsibilities of an unarmed security guard is to maintain vigilant surveillance over the premises they are assigned to protect. This involves monitoring security cameras, patrolling, and keeping an eye out for any suspicious activities or individuals.

2. They Monitor Entry Points

Controlling access to restricted areas is another crucial duty of unarmed security guards. They are in charge of verifying credentials, checking identification, and ensuring that only authorized people are granted entry into secured zones to avoid security breaches.

3. They Can Tackle Any Emergency

In the event of emergencies such as fire, medical emergency, or security threats, unarmed security guards are often the first responders on the scene. Even if they are not armed, they are trained to remain calm under pressure, assess the situation, and take appropriate actions.

4. They Know How to Manage Large Crowds

At venues or events where large crowds gather, unarmed security guards help by maintaining order and managing the crowd. They prevent overcrowding and use certain strategies to diffuse conflicts, all the while sticking to safety protocols and regulations.

5. They Provide Customer Service When Needed

While security is their main purpose, unarmed security guards help with customer service when necessary. They assist visitors, answer queries, provide directions, and offer assistance as needed.

What’s The Takeaway?

In short, unarmed security guards do more than just sit around. They take charge of protecting people, property, and essential assets. From surveillance and access control to emergency response and customer service, their duties and responsibilities are vast. However, if you want to know more about professional security guards and their services, feel free to contact WE Security at (713) 703-9385.

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