Parking lots are a synonym for convenience, that is, if they’re well-maintained. But since they’re open to everyone, it’s common for people to flock there, littering and loitering throughout the day, especially in the case of open parking lots. So much so that every year, the United States records more than 2 million crimes that occur in parking lots.

Whether it’s a passing case of vandalism or a serious crime of human trafficking, a lot of danger can take place at an unmanned parking lot, which is why it is necessary to hire security. Professional parking lot security guards are an investment every business should make. To learn the major roles and responsibilities of parking lot security officers, keep reading this article.

Important Roles and Responsibilities of Parking Lot Security Guards

The entire purpose of hiring parking lot security is to keep the area safe for employees and visitors. No matter how many CCTV cameras a parking area may have, it can’t beat the effectiveness of an actual, physical guard deterring criminals. Moreover, a duty of a parking lot security guard isn’t just limited to keeping an eye out for danger but numerous other tasks they have to get in order. Take a look below to learn what exactly fills up their day-to-day checklist.

  1. Inspecting All Entry and Exit Points
    If a parking space has separate entry and exit points, security officers ensure they are well-guarded. Typically armed guards are placed outside of high-security buildings such as a bank or an airport. In contrast, open parking lots have patrolling officers that switch their positions every other shift.
  2. Maintaining the Lighting and Surveillance Cameras
    While protecting the area is their duty, parking lot security guards also have to maintain lighting fixtures and monitor surveillance camera footage. This is so that visibility levels aren’t compromised, as most crimes and accidents occur in the dark.
  3. Ensuring Parking Regulations Are Being Followed
    An important feature of parking lot security is that the guards are well-equipped with driving laws and regulations. Thus, if a person tries to illegally park in an area not meant for them, such as the disabled parking space, the security will make sure to right the wrong and set up a fine if necessary.
  4. Deterring Crimes
    No matter how dangerous a street delinquent may be, the moment they notice an armed security guard, it breaks down their confidence. This feeling of being under a watchful eye is what guards do best and is exactly what is needed to deter criminal activity.
  5. Strategically Placing Signboards
    When drivers park haphazardly or in the wrong place, it is up to the security guard to let them know they’re in the wrong. Usually, guards place “Reserved Parking” signs in certain areas or move cautionary signboards around to inform the visitors of what to expect.

Final Takeaway

All in all, parking lot security is a great investment to maintain and upkeep the safety of visitors. For more information, contact WE Security at 713-703-9385 or visit 11221 Richmond Ave. #103, Houston, TX 77082, located opposite Bayou City Ballet School.

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