Once the school year-end at the beginning of the summer months, the job of school security guards does not end there. During this time, you have to keep an eye out for all the preparations that are going on for the next term. This is the perfect time for you to evaluate the security situation of the school and find out for any loops.

Schools review their safety and security plans and look at these areas of responsibility.

Safety Policies and Procedures: Look at all the safety and security protocols you have in place right now. Situations like lockdowns, evacuations, and student and parents unity procedures are a key priority. If needed, run some trials to evaluate if you are still able to manage situations well in time. Also, plan for a backup; in case your primary plan fails, you should have a fallback plan.

Define Proper Roles And Teams: Create a team and assign roles to different members. You can also involve:

  • A security director.
  • System specialist.
  • An IT person.
  • People from the local police and first response teams.

The idea is to ensure you are prepared in case something happens. Be prepared for situations such as school threats, violence, crime, emergency, etc.

Hold Regular Meetings: You must initiate regular meetings with local police, emergency services, and medical teams to ensure everyone is prepared. Discuss your plans and protocols to follow in case there is a situation.

Have Proper Communication: You need to ensure you set up more than normal communication. Set up a two-way radio system and connect it to your radio systems. Have your teams always be connected on the device, especially during busy hours. If there is a situation, train all members with the different codes needed in time of emergency.

Always Have A Backup Plan: Remember that your plans and definitions can go wrong in case of an emergency. The stress of taking care of hundreds of children and, at the same time, taking care of handling the situation can get stressful. Hence you must plan a backup in case your initial plan does not work. Your backup plan will ensure you are not putting your children and school staff at risk.

We hope this article has helped you understand the importance of having school security guards but if you think you cannot handle the situation, get in touch with WE Security Inc. We have some of the best security guards in the industry and help you go the extra mile. Call us at 713 – 703 – 9385 to learn more about our offerings.

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