When we think of a security guard, a picture that comes into our mind is of a stout man holding a pistol and bullets. This seems to be a frightening scene for many, but there is a long list of points that security guards can and can’t do? As this profession requires a huge responsibility, a few legal bindings are associated with it but different from police officers’ tasks. A security guard wears a uniform, has weapons, and protects the client’s life and property; there are few areas where he cannot act. He is an individual who is working for a company and not for the public in general.

What can security guards do?

The state gives certain rights and limitations of this role. A security guard has the following responsibilities;

  • He has to safeguard the life and property of the client by all means. While doing it, he will keep the site and other personnel on-site safe. A guard cannot indulge in any illegal activity but can ask others to leave the premises if a crime happens for their safety. In a case, if he suspects a criminal is around, he can stop people from leaving the site until he is not sure and even ask for the police force if the need arises.
  • If the security person suspects a criminal, he has the right to check the suspect and carry out a pat-down. He can stop the suspect from leaving the premises and use handcuffs if the need arises. Until the police arrive, he can take care of the situation by catching the criminal. A security guard undergoes various pieces of training and then can reach this position.
  • For public safety, the security guard can arrest a citizen who is involved in illegal activities. However, he has to call for police help immediately. Other than this, he can take away any weapon from the person and hand it over to the police. In simple words, he can make a citizen’s arrest.
  • The amount of force that the security guard can exert during the crime scene should be limited. He might be reasonable and has to give justifications for his actions afterward; therefore, he will initially start with verbal communication. Only if he cannot handle the situation, he might use force.

What can security guards not do?

  • He does not have the right to hold people for an unlimited time, only till the police force doesn’t arrive, or, in a few situations, till the officer is investigating the site like in case of robbery.
  • Another area where the security guard has no legal right is giving pain to the suspect. There are limitations, he cannot use choking or abusive language to threaten the suspect, and even improper handcuffs are not allowed.

Therefore, what security guards can and can’t do depends on the laws by the state. If you are looking to hire armed or unarmed personnel for security, contact us. Call We Security Inc. at  713 – 703 – 9385 for further information. 

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