After all the events in recent years, there has been a lot of focus on public safety at large events. Events like concerts and outdoor parties require a lot of security; hence hosting facilities invest a large chunk of their incomes in hiring security consultants and developing emergency plans. Hence today, we will be talking about concert security.

But it’s not just large events that require security; even small events at clubs and theaters should ensure the safety of their guests. Experts said there should be at least one head of operations at an event where between five to ten thousand guests will attend.

These experts also work with several different concert venues and have mentioned that concert security is one of the events an events operation manager is in charge of. As an events operation manager, you must have a complete understanding of the bandwidth for emergencies and an action plan.

Hence here are three concert security principles you must plan for:

Easy Accessible Exits: The one thing you should worry about is how people will get out. One of the major problems is guests don’t know where the exits are located. Hence the situation becomes chaotic. Assuming guests only know of the one exit which they entered from and what if it’s too far or bottlenecked; how will you handle the situation?

Hence, at the end of every concert, make sure you open all the exit routes so people can leave quickly. This will help your team plan and ensure exits are clear and guests will know where these exits are located.

Communication Is Key: Communication is the most important when it’s an emergency, and broken communication can damage a situation no matter how strong your plan is. Make sure everyone is aware of their role and knows their responsibility.

Hence, always begin with informing the guests of the situation and instructing them on what they need to do. One of the best ways is to have the instructions written on paper to be easily read out. Always keep the local police updated with your plans so they can also be there for support.

Practice, Practice, And More Practice: Once your plans are nailed down, the complete team practices must be as if the day of the event. This will help your team know what’s the plan and how they should react in a situation.

We understand that there is never a way to predict what may occur in a real situation, but keeping yourself and your team prepared is the best to ensure minimal damage. But if you are a concert event venue and are unsure how to plan concert security, it’s best to let experts handle such a situation. Call WE Security Inc. at 713-703-9385 and let us take care of your concert security. The safety of your guests is now our priority and responsibility.

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