Being safe and secure is most important for any business, hotel, restaurant, or a bank. A security guard plays an important in ensuring that any place is safe for both, the ones working there and for the people around it. It is the duty of a guard to perform his or her task efficiently and effectively and be able to handle any situation. To achieve the desired results, a security guard must reflect certain skills during the duty.

Let’s find out what skills makes up a good guard.


Being properly equipped is necessary to handle any situation. This includes wearing appropriate clothes and shoes to be comfortable during duty. It would be best to have proper gears, to be able to communicate and physically handle any troublemakers. If a guard owns a weapon, he should check it regularly before the duty and make sure it works.


Honesty is the best policy, and this is true in this situation as well. In this role, a guard will be working closely with the employer. The employer needs to trust the guard to make the right decisions and keep their business and general public safe. Therefore he must present himself in a way to develop and maintain the employers’ trust.


Being on duty as a guard means to be attentive all the time and be able to determine what is going around. Good reflexes will show how rapidly a guard evaluates and responds to any dangerous situation. A guard needs to analyze the situation quickly and decide how and when to tackle it.

Leader and Team Player

Not every place or situation requires you to work alone. There are times when working in a team is best for the business or the people around it. A guard must be a good team player and capable enough to take the lead if the situation demands.

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