It does not matter if it is a construction site, an office, a school, or your home; security is necessary. When you drop your child at their school, do you notice a guard standing outside? That guard provides you with the comfort of knowing your child is secured and safe. But security guards, while they provide security, have their disadvantages.

  • A single security guard can not look over the entire site alone. You will need to hire more than one.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of a security guard. All those long hours would make you prone to boredom.
  • The cost of insurance is a significant disadvantage. A security guard is a tremendous liability.
  • In the case of an event where the guard is the only witness, you have no method to corroborate his account of events to what truly happened.

A cellular security camera costs less than a guard does, provides video evidence to all events that occur on the site, and can monitor every inch of the site. A cellular security camera has an advantage. Unlike your everyday security cameras, which need to be connected to a network connection to relay a live feed, cellular security cameras relay a live feed through a cellular network.

A construction site, for example, may not have a network connection available. Cellular security cameras are also easier to remove and install in a different location. Cellular security cameras do not need a power source, making them easy to install and much more efficient since you can view the live feed from your phone at any time, anywhere.

But first, you need physical security along with all the technological advancements in place. So is your workplace secure? We at WE Security Inc prioritize your safety above all else? Call us at 713–703–9385 to inquire further about safety measures you can take for your wellbeing.

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