Construction sites have loads of high-value construction material, tools, and machinery all floating in an open ocean. For this reason, construction sites are the most favorite places for thieves. A construction site is like a crowded flea market where tons of vehicles and workers come in and out every minute.

Therefore, without the presence of security guards, it is nearly impossible to keep an eye on the ongoing activities.

Security Risks and Threats

It is very easy for thieves to trespass a construction site. Therefore, their entry can pose many security threats and can cost loss worth millions of dollars.

Fuel- Construction sites consist of heavy machinery that runs on gas or diesel. This means that there might be a ton of fuel present on the site. Hence the thieves take it as a golden opportunity. They can cut off the supply lines or damage the fuel tanks to get the fuel.

Metal- A plenty of expensive metal, such as copper, is present at a construction site. Thieves can easily rip the copper piping and wires casing to get the gold.

Vehicle- There are loads of contractors and private vehicles that are easy to steal. Therefore, construction sites are a favorite place for car thieves too.

Vandalism- Property damage can be done by outsiders as well as by the site workers. It can cause a great deal of loss to construction companies and contractors.

Employee Theft- Almost every industry has to face this common crime, but a construction site has to pay the highest cost. Construction workers can steal, hide, and then take away the valuables with much ease.

WE Security provides security guards that are trained to keep your site and property safe to the best of their abilities. Call us on 713-703-9385 for further details.

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