Security is essential for any party or event. When you are hosting a private party, your guests’ safety should be your number one priority. Private parties come with their unique security concerns. Security services providers like WE Security can partner with your event producer to ensure that all potential risks are addressed.

No matter the event’s size, you need security guards to ensure that your party is safe, successful, and fun. Some events where security officers can be of help to you are:

  • After parties
  • Award shows
  • Grand openings
  • Creative art or film premieres
  • Fundraisers and charity events
  • Black tie affairs and galas
  • Appreciation events
  • Celebrity or politician appearances
  • Weddings
  • VIP parties
  • College or university events
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts and festivals

Private Party Threats to Expect

Every private party is unique and hosts specific security concerns that should be addressed by a professional and experienced security company. Here are some of the threats you can expect at a private party.

Large Crowds and Alcohol

It’s no secret that combining large crowds and alcohol can sometimes result in a war of words, rowdy behavior, and even violence. Security guards for private parties are specially trained to identify escalating behavior and manage it with various proven verbal and physical techniques.

Party Crashers

There is a reason you have a guest list. When unwanted guests penetrate your private party or event, the risk of a security threat increases exponentially. These uninvited guests could be planning to execute any number of crimes, including theft, assault, harassment, vandalism, or even worse. Party security guards have the right skills to manage these threats safely and quickly.

VIP Guests

High-profile attendees expect a certain level of security at parties. They are often the targets of harassment by obsessive fans or the media. These attendees may also be at a higher risk for crimes such as theft. Even those guests who are in the public eye deserve to have their privacy protected.

Security guards can provide you the following services: 

  • Venue and parking lot security sweeps
  • Traffic and parking control
  • Entrance and exit management
  • Crowd control
  • Foot and vehicle patrols
  • Preventing access to restricted areas
  • Assisting guests
  • Emergency response

If you need security services for private parties, call WE Security today to talk with one of our security specialists and receive a quick and affordable quote.

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