Not all superheroes wear capes; some wear a uniform and dedicate their entire lives to protecting people. We’re talking about none other than security guards!

Security officers may not be superheroes by definition, but the way they look after the masses, ensuring safety above all else, speaks volumes. After all, being a professional security guard is not a walk in the park. You need to possess certain qualities to even be considered for the position. Not to mention, the training period for security guards is the hardest time of their lives. From testing their endurance and strength to evaluating basic morals, it is a combination of both physical and mental tenacity. 

But no matter how tough it may seem, there is something incredibly rewarding about the job. So, if you’re looking to apply as a security guard in Houston, TX, but don’t know what qualities are required to become one, keep reading this blog to find out. 

1. Always Alert
Being vigilant is of utmost importance for a security guard. You must always be on high alert and ready to take action in case a potential threat arises. This requires serious focus and concentration skills. Only those who have an eye for detail and can instantly spot something amiss are valued for the position. 

2. Field Training
Depending on the kind of security guard you want to be, you may or may not have to undergo field training. However, all reputable armed guards have years of training experience under their belt. The training period tests your vigor and endurance, pushing you to be the best version of yourself. 

3. Physically Fit
In order to be a security guard, physical fitness plays a major role. You must be a fast runner and be in good shape to be considered for a security guard position. This need for fitness is rooted in the ideals of strength, discipline, and optimal health of the guard. 

4. Strong Communication Skills
Good communication skills are heavily favored when becoming a security guard. It proves you are open to cooperation and possesses the ability to comprehend instructions. Communication does not just refer to talking but rather being able to listen and act according to the given directions.

5. Lead & Follow Mindset
Leading others is difficult, but following someone else and being a team player is harder. A valuable security officer is one who can easily adapt to the situation around them. This means stepping up to take on the leadership position when needed, as well as working with others to follow and execute commands. 

6. Quick on Feet
Someone who is sharp-witted and quick to act is the best candidate for a security guard position. It proves that they are able to take action when necessary, without any hesitation. This is especially useful for armed guards who are required to keep people safe while preventing the situation from escalating. 

7. Honest & Reliable
Last but not least, the most important asset of being a security guard is honesty. A person who can be upfront and face their concerns without worry is a clear sign they have what it takes. Trustworthiness, along with reliability in a security officer, is highly valued. 

Apply To Become A Professional Security Guard Today!

There is a reason why a career in security is so hard to maintain. But if you think you’re up for the challenge and want to be a security guard in Houston, TX, look no further; WE Security has your back! 

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