According to research, every forty seconds, a child is abducted within the United States Of America. Kidnappings, molestation, and eve-teasing have become common within school grounds, with teachers failing to stop such events. In some cases, there have been reports that teachers are also a part of such crimes.

Most of these events target young girls and occur just outside the school, where the children are vulnerable and unprotected. Placing security guards outside the school and in regular intervals within the school grounds can effectively reduce such crimes.

In the past, schools have proven easy targets for attacks as well, that is because children, unarmed and untrained in combat, can not protect themselves and prove well as hostages. Placing security outside and within the school provides an extended layer of protection for the students.

In order to focus on their studies, students need to be in a safe and well-protected zone. If their minds are not nurtured and protected from the cannibalistic views of the outside world, it may have a drastic impact on their future lives.

When you are hiring a security team for your school, please take a note of the following:

  • Are the security guards physically fit?
  • Did you security guard receive the necessary training?
  • Do they have information on emergency protocols?
  • Do your security guards hold any arms? If so, make sure they receive the relevant training to use a firearm?

In the past, schools used to hire security guards who did not receive good enough training and were unable to prevent crimes within the school grounds. Make sure that your security team is ready by having practice drills to examine their quick responses.

If you are looking for well-trained and experienced security guards, call us at WE Security Inc at 713–703–9385. Our security team is well equipped for all your needs.

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